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Netflow data is not showing up in Splunk

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I'm trying to set Splunk to index netflow data so it can be searched. The splunk server is getting the data but the data is not showing up in Splunk. I have installed the netflow for Splunk app. I have configured a switch to send data to UDP port 9995. I have also configured a data import for the same port. Data import for 10514 and 11514 have also been set up. By doing a tcpdump i have verified the splunk server is recieving the data on port 9995. I see no data in the tcpdump going to 10514 or 11514. I set debug for UDPInputProcessor, the splunkd.log shows that Splunk is at least seeing data come from the switch ip. Would anyone have any idea for what to check next?

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All previously existing versions of NetFlow Logic Splunk apps have been merged into one NetFlow for Splunk by NetFlow Logic App. See this link

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I am at the same stage, if you are referring to 'application and network monitor'
Under configuration I have created a macros.conf file but what do I put under 'your index'?

definition = index=your_index sourcetype=flowintegrator


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The only reason you would use port 10514 or 11514 if you plan to use the flowintegrator software. are you using that? If yes I can tell you whats happening.

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