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NetApp Data ONTAP support for Splunk Enterprise 8.0.2?


Will the current version of NeApp Ontapp 2.1.91 work with Splunk Enterprise 8.0.2? And since I am doing the upgrade, will the NetApp TA 2.1.91 work as well?



I would also love to see this update. We are on Splunk Cloud and would like to upgrade to 8.x and this is the only app we're waiting on.

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We missed that that the Splunk_TA_ontap App is incompatible with Splunk 8 in our upgrade planning. Apparently the configuration dashboards use Advanced XML, so they're not usable anymore.

The existing app infrastructure seems unaffected though, so data ingest continues and the accompanying splunk_app_netapp and our own dashboards still work (as long as we don't need to make any changes to the data collection configuration).

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