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Hi I already have an output of row expansion a table within the table. is there a possibility to render a table within a table within a table so the output was like this format

  • row 1
    • row 1-1
    • row 1-1-1
    • row 1-1-2
    • row 1-2
  • row 2
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You can technically embed any collection of modules using the Table-Embedding feature.

So yes you can technically embed modules that themselves include another table that uses teh Table-embedding feature.

The glaring drawback is that you can't do any kind of colspan on it -- the modules can only be embedded into individual cells.

And as a practical matter.... you very well might be better off just doing some clever CSS with padding and layout on divs in an HTML module, vs table-embedding a table module that uses table-embedding.

Note - this is also a distant cousin of "Using a Multiplexer module to multiplex a Multiplexer module that multiplexes some other modules". 😃

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