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Nest Add-on for Splunk: Receiving "Authorization Code Not Found" error when trying to run the command in step 4

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I am receiving the following error when attempting to run the command in step 4:

{"error":"oauth2_error","error_description":"authorization code not found","instance_id":"b575b4e8-5b32-4df4-8625-f148beba2141"}

I followed the steps outlined and pasted my auth code into the command. When executing the command, I received the aforementioned error. I tried different auth codes with the same result. I also ran through the troubleshooting steps and was not able to resolve the issue.

Any help would be much appreciated.


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I think there may have been an issue with the instructions and how the markdown language formatted it which I just corrected. The error you're receiving usually means you've entered an invalid authorization code. Take a look at the following code sample and note the highlighted section in bold.

curl -X POST "****&client_secret=mdM3hEligo2PfGBsOMsaHFdvI&grant_type=authorization_code"

You'll want to replace that with the authorization code provided from the following URL

Then you should receive your access_token.

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