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Nagios Core: NEMS data to Splunk

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I have a NEMS instance that collects data about the status of the host on our network.
On the NEMS side, I have the Universal forwarder installed and the Nagios Core add-on in the apps directory, and on the Splunk side, I have the app Splunk Add-on for Nagios Core as well as receiving configured.
The only way that we receive any data is to do a monitor of /var/log . If we monitor that directory we do get data but not all the Splunk data.

We can get that data if we monitor the Nagios log manually.
I thought that was a function of the Nagios core app, to add in getting useful data into Splunk-
can someone help me determine my error?

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Re: Nagios Core: NEMS data to Splunk

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The Nagios Splunk Add-On is not 100% configured by default.

Have you created the $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/SplunkTA_nagio-core/local/inputs.conf on the Universal Forwarder/Deployment Server?

sourcetype = nagios:core

sourcetype = nagios:core:hostperf

sourcetype = nagios:core:serviceperf
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