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Multiple row drilldown


Is it possible to select multiple rows in table and perform drilldown.
Please provide your inputs.

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Not directly, no. And in the 'indirect' method I have in mind, not easily.

Both the Sideview Table module and Splunk's SimpleResultsTable module implement selection such that there can only be one selected row at a time.

If you were basically an app developer, comfortable with javascript and comfortable with getting your hands pretty duty, you could use the Table module in conjunction with the Sideview Filters module, also with some customBehavior, such that you can effectively capture the table clicks up in a Filters module (think of it like an interactive, unordered breadcrumb), and then apply the collected searchterms from the Filters to a downstream search. However visually the Table would only ever highlight one row at a time. There is a documentation page in the latest Sideview Utils about the Filters module, although it sternly warns you that customBehavior is NOT for the vast majority of Sideview Utils users, and for these particular kinds of customBehavior you'll need with Filters, that goes double.

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