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Mouseover data on google maps?


Hey everyone,
I am trying to figure out how to add mouseover data to a google maps map in a dashboard. I can't seem to find anything indicating how this would be done in the modules guide, though I could just not be understanding it.

Specifically, we are mapping the number of errors we are seeing based on geographical area. When you mouse over the cluster, I'd like a small cloud/info dialog to open which shows the name of the geographic area.
Is this possible?

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I had the same ask within Google Maps and I moved to Splunk 6 to add such functionality. You will find that the built in maps in '6' have the ability to have 'mouse over' values. Also if you can utilise the Web Frame Work Utilities there are a lot more options available, especially if you convert you dashboards to HTML to utilise the funky Bubble Charts, Sankey Charts and Sunbursts.

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Unfortunately the only way to do this would be to implement your own :

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