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More year-2020 bugs (datetime.xml)

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just a notice and a warning: If you have upgraded to Splunk Version 8.0.1 an important bug was squished:

SPL-178916, The datetime.xml timestamp recognition file does not recognize two-year dates after 2019

But this is NOT true for additional apps or TAs from splunkbase, when these use their own version of datetime.xml for parsing dates (even if the add-ons are approved for Splunk Version 8.0). For instance the bug still exists in the Splunk Add-On for VMware, Version 3.4.6 ( inside the part Splunk_TA-esxilogs.

So be careful with the new year you probably have to double check add-ons and apps...

Dates are always complicated 😉
Have fun,

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No further comments have been received, so I assume that nobody has similar problems found and that anybody has checked his Apps...
Posting this message as a kind of answer to "switch" the color of the question from red to green 😉

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