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Monitoring of Java Virtual Machines with JMX: How to capture all JMX mbeans for Oracle.DMS?


We have got the mbean’s coming in from a server. This is all the mbeans that are showing on jconsole.

The issue is there are more mbean’s on the server we would like to capture. I have just given a few examples of the methods below.

Specifically MBeans for SOA


dms Spy gives access to lots of performance stats through a regular web page. This MBean has the following methods:


Dump performance metrics as text.
3 java.lang.String


Return serialized metric tables as a byte array.
2 Array of byte


Return performance metrics in a two-dimensional array in JMX openmbean type.
6 Array of arrays of


Return an array of metric table names available.
4 Array of java.lang.String

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You'll see plenty of examples of how to invoke MBean operations if you look in :


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I have tried as i expected this to show me all the mbean. It shows all the mbean's i can see in jconsole.

Unfortunately the mbeans for SOA (oracle.dms) do not show in jconsole or in the values returned from domain="*".

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I am not familiar with the Oracle DMS product , but if you can't see the MBeans you are looking for via JConsole , then perhaps something is not setup on the Oracle side ? or you are using the wrong connection URL from JConsole ? You are going to have to refer to the Oracle DMS JMX documentation.

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