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Monitoring for Splunk: How can I search for a string then evaluate matches by additional criteria?



Please help me with the below :

I wanted to write a search query where
1.the query should find the keyword ""
2.if found should search the keyword "Connection reset error (of different event)
3. If found should check the time difference between the events and if the time diff is less and equal to 1 min it should output the event

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perhaps something like:

|eval keyword1=if(like(_raw,""),1,0)
|eval keyword2=if(like(_raw,"%Connection reset error%"),1,0)
|sort 0 - _time
|streamstats values(_time) as next_time values(keyword2) as keyword_2 values(_raw) as _raw window=1 current=f reset_after="("keyword1==1")"
|where isnotnull(keyword_2)
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