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Missing logs for eventcode 4776 (Windows TA installed on universal forwarder and search head).

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I'm able to receive almost all eventcodes for wineventlog:security but missing the logs for eventcode 4776 .

I have the Windows TA app installed on the universal forwarder and search head. I have tried the following:

I uncheck the box labeled "Overwrite field values" which should Splunk from overwriting the existing Error_Code field (it did not work).

Then, created props.conf in the search head with this:

FIELDALIAS-Status_as_Error_Code = Status ASNEW Error_Code

Then, restarted the search head.

None of those steps are working. I checked the blocklist in the input file but code 4776 is one of them.

Could you please help?



Which Version of Windows TA is installed? There is an Bug in older versions, so try to upgrade that TA on all UFs and Searchheads ...

2017-02-22ADDON-8497"XmlWinEventLog:Security" events with EventCode 4776, 4768, 4769 not correctly mapped
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