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Migrating from stand-alone DBConnect1 to Distributed DBConnect2


Is there a standard process for migrating from a standalone instance of DB Connect 1 to a distributed instance of DB Connect 2?

Currently we have DB Connect 1 running on it's own search head, and we want to upgrade it and migrate it to our existing SH cluster. Is there an easy way to do this, or do we have to re-enter all our DB Connections?

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The migration process is documented at the link below. You'll need to do some preliminary work like copy over your database driver to dbx v2 app. But there are scripts that will help you migrate your configurations automatically. I recommend taking your dbx v1 configs, put them on a test server, and then run the migration scripts against them there. Then you can copy the new dbx v2 config files to your prod server(s).

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