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Microsoft Teams Add-on for Splunk: handling of 404 error

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I downloaded and installed Teams Add-on for Splunk and it worked for a while, until we encountered a lot of 404 error like below

ERROR pid=14248 tid=MainThread | Error getting callRecord data: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:<call ID>?$expand=sessions($expand=segments)


I found out that the callID was removed from Teams CDR for some reason,  therefore when Splunk tried to download the CDR, it returned error 404, which is understandable.

However Teams Add-on will not remove the Call ID from webhook directory for this scenario. The call ID will remain there forever and Splunk will keep on trying again and again to download the CDR and failed. This results in a huge amount of call IDs that never get cleaned up and massive number of error messages in the log.

Further more, i found out that if there were too many call ID files exist in the wehbook directory (~60K), the Add-on will encountered error "401 Unauthorized to download the CDR" and stopped working soon afterward. After restarting Splunk, the Add-on worked again and then stopped the  moment it hit 401 error again. I manually created a script to manage the load of webhook folder, so this is OK for now but it would be preferable that the Add-on has load management feature by itself.

Hopefully the author of this Add-on will add this error handling soon, but meanwhile if anyone knows how to get around this 404 issue please kindly share.

Thanks a lot!

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