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Microsoft Azure Active Directory Reporting Add-on for Splunk is stuck on the loading screen

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I am trying to configure the Microsoft Azure Active Directory Reporting Add-on for Splunk within our environment but when I click on Inputs> Add-on Settings in the app, the page is stuck on the loading screen continuously (this is consistent across multiple browsers).Rest everything is working fine.
is there any solution for this?
PS splunk version is and this add-on is installed successfully and there are no internal error regarding this add-on.


I know that this is an older post, but did you restart Splunk after installing the app? I installed this app today and had the same behavior as you until I restarted Splunk.

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Hi Mayurr98,

Not sure if this has been resolved for you yet, but after contacting support they noticed there was some missing some spec files which they re-added which returned this functionality.

To add I also noticed the same issue with another Add-on this was with the new Sophos Add-on for Splunk.
Hope this helps, if not hopefully for others.


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No, it is not resolved yet. I can see that they have added a new version of this app and I've downloaded new version app but it is still stuck on loading.

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I'm facing the same issue with the input screen. It is stuck opening the input page. I'll change the url from localhost to my splunk cloud instance to see if that will help

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