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Malware Data Model populates, then data disappears.

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I have an issue with the malware data model. All other data models appear to be functioning properly.

This issue I am having is that after I initiate a rebuild and the rebuild completes, I can Pivot to the data and utilize without issue. After I leave that Pivot and come back and try to the exact same thing there is 0 results. This is true not only with Pivot, but with accessing the data in any way such as trying to load the malware dashboards with Enterprise Security. The data will be there at first access and then gone on all subsequent access attempts.

If I perform a search for the populating search for the data model all data I expect to be returned is present.
tag=attack AND tag=malware

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey, take a look at the data model acceleration reports... I bet you're having a problem with acceleration not working right.

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