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M365 App does not Display all Dashboards/Data

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Hi Splunk Community,

I am having some problems with my M365 App and Add-on. Here a Short Overview what the Add-on and the App is intended to do.

The Add-on is responible to get the Date from you Azure API, for that you set a API User on Azure Site and give it read rights and configure this User in the Add-on. Now you need to configure your Inputs that you wonna gather, I have configuered all of them.

And now the Add-on is gathering the configured Data from Azure, now its time to switch to the App and get a Overview of the Data in form of Dashboards.

The most Dashboards are displaying the right data but these not  Message Category & Teams Security.

I allready talked to the support but the App is not offizial support so I dont get any help from the Splunk Support. I also send a Mail to the Dev but nobody responded, so the community is the last try to get this fixed.


Kind Regards,


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