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Looking for a TCP port connectivity tester

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Splunk Employee

I need to test a given UF or HWF box for connectivity to several other systems and ports. That is, I have an app that fails if it can't talk to several boxes on several ports so I would like to test for that access every so often. So, I'm looking for a scripted input or modular input that would give me the equivalent of telnetting to a remote port. I found TA-connectivity in SplunkBase, and, while it works for successful connections, it doesn't do very well at outputing useful failure data (DNS resolution failure, connection refused, connection timeout). More precisely, it doesn't output failures at all from what I can create in my lab.

I'm trying to avoid creating/recreating the wheel here. Anyone have a port pinger/tester I could hack on?

My goal would be a tool like TA-connectivty that took a config file (csv?) and "telnet-like" connected to it to see if the other side was reachable. "timestamp,, port=22, status=success, reason=blob_o_text"

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