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Logs flow is stopped from Trend Micro DSM app


I have two Hosts/IPs for TrendMicro DSM, recently when I checked the status fo both Hosts/IPs in Splunk, one of the TrendMicro DSM IP/Host was stopped receiving logs in Splunk from more than 5days.
I using TrendMicro DSM App for logs forwarding to Splunk, what is the reason and how can i find out and what are the troubleshooting steps to check.

Actuall Example:
Host: xx.xx.xx.xx
Last log received at: 05/17/2019 14:07:56
Current Time: 05/24/2019 08:44:17
Time since last log(In Hours) : 162.61
Message: the host:xx.xx.xx.xx has not reported logs from :05/17/2019 14:07:56

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