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Location of documentation for new Juniper Networks App


there are two apps:
1. Old Juniper app produced by Third Party -
2. New Juniper app produced by Juniper -

Old app (listed as produced and supported by Splunk) was decent documentation.
New app has no documentation, but only a quick note under "Details" sections.

Can i suggest maintainers to get some better documentation? there is decent (hard to find) post on juniper forums - Can it be linked to "Details" section?

FYI - below is README for the app, but JTAC are hardly aware of the App... Checked this by razing case

cat /opt/splunk/etc/apps/junipernetworks/README

Juniper Networks app for Splunk, reads the syslog event information from SRX to generate the metrices.
It uses UDP source type and reads the syslog events at port 514.
Kindly refer the below link for the procedure to direct the syslog events to the Splunk installation.

Technical Support
Call Juniper Networks support at +1-888-314-5822 or use the URL to open a case with the support team


According to JTAC development team is working on better documentation and it will be posted soon. Lets hope for the best.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Can i suggest maintainers to get some better documentation?
Yes, you can. On the page for the "New Juniper app produced by Juniper," there's a link to "Contact Developer" with their email address. Send them a note referencing the portion of the Splunk-made app docs you find the most compelling, and ask them to update the Details section of the app or provide a more detailed README file in the next release.

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