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KV Store issues on 6.4.1

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I was attempting to install the Splunk_TA_openldap addon, and after installation I am getting the following error:

The lookup table 'openldap_src_lookup' does not exist. It is referenced by configuration 'openldap:access'.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to correct this?

Thank you.

Splunk Version - 6.4.1


Here is what I have in Lookup definitions:

openldap_src_lookup kvstore _key, conn, src No owner Splunk_TA_openldap Global | Permissions Enabled | Disable Clone

openldap_user_lookup kvstore _key, conn, op, user No owner Splunk_TA_openldap Global | Permissions Enabled | Disable Clone

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I figured out what it was. Server Certificate had expired.

Followed this post:

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