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Java Script error on settings page (dompurify.js not found)


When opening /app/Splunk_TA_jmx/configuration I get a javascript error saying:

/en-US/static/@E7E5AA639CECC93D85ACF0EE32FA3F1BF52D9BAF9B63EB45670DBFB904CA75AB.2/js/dompurify.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

My Versions:
splunk enterprise 7.3.3
Splunk_TA_jmx 3.3.0

Does someone know how to resolve this dependency? Do I have to install another app that provides the missing library?

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I think it is a bug in Splunk Enterprise Version 7.3.3 & 7.3.4 but unable to find bug Id for that . I have checked Splunk Enterprise Version 7.3.2 and it is working properly. You can try on 7.3.2 version if possible

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