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Looking to replace CA Wily Interscope with JVM agent -

In reading the docs for the App and the Slideshare Getting loads of data but Its NOT clear as to how to monitoring the following metrics:

  1. GC Heap size.
  2. No. of processors used for the application.
  3. CPU utilization.
  4. Thread details
  5. Pool size.
  6. Session details. Can you please confirm that this agent can capture above and point me to additional details/configuration hints. Thank you for any guidance you can offer. Cheers!
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Yes the JVM Agent can collect information 1-5 via JMX MBean attribute data.

The default example JMX config file is already setup to collect this.

Point 3 requires some additional Splunk SPL ontop of the raw collected data.See example from line 43 here.

I can't comment on 6 as the term "session" could refer to anything.

Please also read the README and look over the default example agent config file also.

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