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JRE issues on DB Connect 2 on Splunk Enterprise 6.1.4


I have DB connect 2 running just fine on a test instance of Splunk Enterprise 6.3.2, but we're having issues getting JRE functioning for DB Connect 2 on our production instance of Splunk (6.1.4). The JRE status just shows a red dot to the left of "JRE Status:" and then nothing following the colon (:) at all, it's just blank.

I've tried setting JAVA_HOME to both the JDK and the JRE and neither works. (I realize the documentation says that the JDK is required and that the JRE isn't sufficient. However, the DB connect instance that is working for me is configured to point to a JRE.)

The last entries in the jbridge.log are:
2016-02-14 10:37:02,265 INFO Checking for obsolete java libraries in C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\apps\dbx\bin\lib
2016-02-14 10:37:02,265 INFO Started JavaBridgeServer PID=4516

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FYI, upgrading to 6.3.3 resolved this issue.

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