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JMX OS X: Splunk connects successfully- but doesn't log.

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I'm using the Splunk Addon for Java Management Extensions on OS X.

So far, I've:

  • Created an index for this and assigned it to the add-on
  • Created a server entry in the add-on under Config > Server
  • In my splunkd.log, I get a "Successfully established connection with JMX server" entry
  • I've made a template for the content that I want:

  • In Inputs: I created a new input configured with the stuff above

I'm getting no data and I'm really unsure why. There aren't any logs in either splunkd or in the _internal index as well.

The documentation seems pretty out of date or is just mismatched with the UI has: am I supposed to still use a config.xml and inputs.conf? Or is that deprecated?

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