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I have created a saved search and now i want to schedule it and run summary indexing on it using JAVA SDK....?

How do i do it....?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can schedule a saved search by calling the setScheduled and setCronSchedule methods on it, and then calling update, as in:

savedSearch.setCronSchedule("15 4 * * 6"); 
// Update the server with changes

This example is taken from the SDK documentation.

For setting up summary indexing you would have to write code to edit the configuration files via the REST API. I would set up summary indexing on an example saved search, then translate it into calls to the collection returned by Service.getConfs.

If you're using Splunk 5.0 or later, it would be better to use report acceleration, but we haven't documented the REST endpoints for controlling that yet. I've let the docs team know of that oversight.

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