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Issue using Map+ app with _time


Hi all,
I'm using the Maps+ app and running a search that ends with the following:

| table _time longitude latitude

The fields are populated correctly, and the correct coords are mapped on the map, however the time in the bottom right corner is set to 1970, and cannot use the playback, even though the _time field contains the correct date/time.

Any one have any ideas what might be wrong? Do I need to do anything special with the time format/field name?
Ultimately what I'm trying to show is vehicle positions over time.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There's currently a bug which shows the time playback when path lines are disabled. With that said, time playback is only a feature with path lines. You can't currently playback individual markers over time. This is something I'll have to look at implementing. I've already fixed the bug, I just need to push a new release. I'll post back when it's ready.

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I've released version 3.1.1 that addresses the issue with the playback controls showing when disabled. Note that playback only works for path lines as the controls are in the Path Lines format sub-menu.

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A feature that plays back individual markers over time would be awesome. We have people in our organisation asking about that 🙂

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