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Is there a way to remove the split window resize frame in dashboards?


Hi folks,

I've been putting together dashboards, and in each there is a horizontal bar used to resize the dashboard, up or down. Since my potential audience will find a way to break everything, or complain about something, I just want to remove it. Is there anything in the XML I should remove or add to get rid of this?

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I don't know a "proper" way to remove that bar through settings within SimpleXML... but you can make it disappear with CSS.

Create a file $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/your_app/appserver/static/no_resize.css with this content:

.dashboard-row .dashboard-panel .ui-resizable-handle{
  display: none !important;

Refer to the file from your dashboard(s) by setting stylesheet="no_resize.css" in the <dashboard> or <form> tag. This way it'll only affect dashboards you choose to have no resizing handles... if you want some panels to be resizeable but not others within the same dashboard it'll be more tricky, but should be possible as well if a bit silly.


You can also get rid of the rest of that ugly grey panel footer with this

.dashboard-row .dashboard-panel .dashboard-element .panel-footer {
display: none;

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