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Is there a way to generate a graph / chart that shows performance of scheduler?


hi, is there a way to generate a graph / chart that shows performance of Scheduler ?
We are using Splunk Enterprise Security and there is an App available called "Cloud Monitoring console" which shows stuff like "Skipped Searches" , "Scheduler Activity" etc but not quite what we are looking for.

We would like to see how many searches were kicked off ( as in dispatched)  every hour or every 30 mins, kind of plot run time of searches .  End goal is to identify if we have too many searches running at a particular time slot n so on.

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You could start e.g. with this

index=_audit action IN (search, rtsearch, accelerate_search)
| timechart count by info

r. Ismo 


i ran your search , not sure i understand the result set.  How is this related to scheduler activity and
What do the different values of "info" mean  as shown below ?  To make it simple, is there a way to restrict this data based on the app : SplunkEnterpriseSecurity ? 



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