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Is there a specific method to pull Oracle Cloud Platform logs into Splunk? Would this require using REST API's or the HTTP Event Collector?


We have an on-premise, distributed deployment in a clustered Splunk environment (index and search head clustering). Is there a recommendation on how the Oracle cloud logs should be ingested into Splunk? Upon doing some reseach, I noticed that both Splunk HTTP Collector and REST API Modular Inputs were recommended, so I'm interested in knowing what the community's thoughts are.

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Check out this post: Oracle Identity Cloud Service: Integrating with Splunk

It's focused on user login data, but does describe how to develop a custom application and ingest its events also.

If you're using the Oracle CASB Cloud Service for security monitoring, it's events may also be exported to Splunk.
Cloud > Cloud Platform > CASB Cloud Service > Exporting Risk Events to Splunk

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I would like to know the answer to this as well.

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Ditto, wondering the same.

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Hi adnankan5133 - did you get an answer to this? Interested in the same question.

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