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Is the Splunk Add-on for Nessus supported on Windows?


good morning

I installed the universal forwarder on the Windows box, and the Splunk Add-on for Nessus. It doesn't work. Is the Splunk add-on for Nessus supported on Windows?

This inputs.conf file isn't for Windows OS

Nessus scripted input using custom directories

[script://./bin/ -s /opt/nessus/incoming -t /opt/nessus/parsed]
disabled = false
interval = 120
index = _internal
source = nessus2splunk
sourcetype = nessus2splunk

thank you for your help

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The nessus add-on utilizes Splunk's built in python, which doesn't come with universal forwarders. You have to use a full Splunk instance.
"This add-on does not support universal forwarders for data collection because the add-on requires Python."

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Btran! Thanks for your question. Please try using the default/ instead as your template for what you copy to local. Hopefully that will work for you.

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