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Is the Google Maps Add-on for Splunk Enterprise supported in Splunk 6.3?


Hi ,

I want to know if the Google Maps Add-on for Splunk Enterprise is supported in Splunk 6.3?

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It's not supported. And in the vast majority of case you're better off using the built-in maps in Splunk 6.

But if you want to know whether it works, then the answer is probably yes. There are still a few narrow edge cases dealing with large result counts and/or Advanced XML dashboards where it may make sense to use Google maps. Just remember you're going to be largely on your own if it breaks later.

It won't work out of the box if you're using SSL, but you may be able to fix it with the following code at line 29 of $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/maps/appserver/modules/GoogleMaps/GoogleMaps.js

            if (window.location.protocol == 'http') {
                s.src = "";
            } else {
                s.src = "";

( This is a slightly updated duplicate of )

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

No, it does not. It supports 5.0 only.

Splunk Enterprise now includes its own maps, and 6.3 introduces choropleth maps. You don't need an add-on for geographic visualization any more. Use the geostats search command and see the simple XML reference entry for maps, as well as the documentation for choropleth maps.

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