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Is it possible to run TA-nmon on AIX v5.3?

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I know that AIX v5.3 is not on the support list of NMON Performance Monitor for Unix and Linux Systems app.
But I have a lot of AIX v5.3 servers needed monitoring, so I did a try...

On my testing , the nmon process will not trigger by TA-nmon - Technical Addon for Nmon Performance Monitor because of the argument " -yoverwrite"
The "topas_nmon" command in AIX v5.3 is not supported this argument.

How could I modify the nmon arguments ( AIX_options ) in nmon.conf?

Or does it means we can't use TA-mon on AIX v5.3 and earlier?

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Re: Is it possible to run TA-nmon on AIX v5.3?



I have not tried to be honest 😉

However, it might work:

  • the "--yoverwrite" option is you as you said not compatible, however it was expected to be normally managed by the script.

  • the options send to AIX are loaded from "default/nmon.conf", if you create a copy in "local/nmon.conf" or "/etc/nmon.conf" (on a per server basis) then these values would overwrite the default values

  • As said previously the --yoverwrite option is supposed to be managed automatically (starting line 1560 of the current version of the script), this is hard to test without having such an old version (and I don't), maybe I missed something.
    You can always remove that stuff and make your own change to remove the option

  • If the fifo option does not work in AIX 5 (which is the default behavior in the TA-nmon), then you might have to switch back to the old mechanism within a local nmon.conf and the parameter:


Finally, yes this is very old AIX version (even 6.1 is now out of support) so it is not possible for me to ensure things work as they should...

Hope this helps, fell free to contact me or update this post !



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