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Is it possible to dynamically remove/add input modules on a dashboard?

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I currently have a dashboard (utilizing Sideview Utils)that has inputs laid out in the following format:

[pulldown] [textfield]

[or/and] [pulldown] [textfield]

[or/and] [pulldown] [textfield]

[timerangepicker] [submit button]

What I would like to do is add an option to toggle the subsequent "[or/and] [pulldown] [textfield]" lines in or out of the display. So the user can make the additional lines appear as needed. Maybe it could look similar to this:

[pulldown] [textfield] [+/-]

[or/and] [pulldown] [textfield]

The second line above would only appear after the [+/-] is toggled on or off.

I'm not sure if there was a way to use modules already in splunk or in sideview utils that could help add this functionality.

Thank you very much for any feedback regarding this capability!

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Certainly it's possible but it would require writing a fairly delicate customBehavior. Among the Splunk core modules, there are some modules dedicated to the 'report builder', and you'll see in that interface there is a way to create timecharts with multiple series -- essentially that code is doing this same thing -- inserting and subtracting modules from the hierarchy at runtime.

I don't know of any app yet that's done this with Sideview Utils but send me an email and I'll make some time to add an example of such a customBehavior into the Utils documentation.

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