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Is it possible to configure multiple JIRA workspaces to my Splunk instance?

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Hello everyone,

I've been able to hookup an existing JIRA project with a Slunk Project. I've come across an issue now wherein I'm working on another separate project on a separate JIRA Workspace. Is it possible to configure my account to manage two JIRA workspaces and assign them granularly unto individual Splunk Projects?


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Splunk Employee

I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I've been able to modify the JIRA add-on to allow you to connect to multiple different JIRA servers by specifying a "server=XXX" parameter in the commands. E.g:
... | jira server=server1 filters ...
Let me know if you are interested in the code changes to do this.

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Can you please provide more details on the code changes to achieve this?

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Basically, what I did was modify the script in the add-on to allow the passing of the "server" parameter from the SPL. If present, the value from the server= parameter is used to look up a stanza in the config.ini file. (If not present, it defaults to "jira" for backwards-compatibility.)

To do this, there were 2 places I changed the code:
1. I modified the setup_jira_service method to accept a parameter for 'server', which defaults to 'jira'. This is then used in the subsequent commands to retrieve the username, password, hostname, jira_protocol, and jira_port values from that stanze in the config.ini.
2. I modified the try block at the end of the script to look for a "server=" parameter in the SPL. If found, it extracts the value, and uses that to pass to the setup_jira_service method (see #1).

PM me if you would like a copy of the code.

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