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Is Splunk App for AWS available for the Splunk Cloud Trial?

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I'm trying to get Splunk App for AWS and noticed that this App is not showed up when I'm trying to find and install Apps on my Splunk Cloud Instance.
I do able to find and install Splunk Add-on for AWS and get data there , but not the AWS App itself.

I do noticed this existing issue:
SPL-164116 The Splunk App for AWS is currently being certified and expected to be available by March 1, 2019. Contact Splunk Support for more information.

Was is it resolved and what is ETA of the Splunk App for AWS on Splunk Cloud?

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Hi @igorkravchuk

The is related to the python app which is a dependent app for AWS app where there are naming conflicts which breaks the functionality of the cloud_admin app. It is resolved in later version of splunk .

The app Splunk App for AWS is not compatible with the splunk version of your instance. Once splunk version is upgraded, you would be able to see the app on the list.
However, the app requires assisted installation, so you would have to contact Splunk support for installing the app.

More details for the app can be found here:


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