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Is EMC Application fully compatible with OneFS Version:



I just installed EMC app and TA. Overall, great application.

However the TA systematically fails for 2 specific inputs with HTTP 404:

Requirements for the TA says "Isilon running OneFS version 7.1.x or above." but from my understanding, platform/3 API are only available from OneFS version 8.x

Can somebody please confirm the full support for v7.2. We are currently using v7.2.1.2


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Re: Is EMC Application fully compatible with OneFS Version:

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Hi sylbaea,

The EMC Isilon App & TA are compatible with both Isilon OneFS 7.X and 8.0 though there are certain API calls which are not compatible with one of the Isilon OneFS version.

Yes you are correct. Platform/3 API calls does not work with OneFS 7.X. Similarly API calls for iscsi does not work with OneFS 8.0.

The API calls .../platform/3/statistics/summary/system, .../platform/3/network/interfaces were primarily added to make this TA CIM compatible only. You should be able to use APP & TA with OneFS v7.2.1.2 without any issues.


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