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Inputs not showing up under settings


Maybe this is normal behavior but I uploaded the CrowdStrike Falcon Endpoint Add-on and configured my account and input through GUI.

I can see a file called crowdstrike_falcon_host_inputs.config in the local folder for the app, which has the info I supplied when creating the input though the gui.

But my question is why isn't the input showing up under settings>data inputs? The main reason I ask is because I'm having trouble ingesting data from the TA and am wondering if this is at all related.


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I havent used the crowdstrike TA, but as far as i know the file with input settings should simply be called "inputs.conf"(ive never heard of an app changing the config file name to that degree)..This would explain why you cant see it and why its not working. Try renaming the file and restarting.

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I'm having the same issue with data not ingesting. Did you find a resolution?

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