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Implement logic when saving parameters using Add On Builder

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Hi! Anyone experienced with the new AddOn Builder (3.0.1)?

I would like to implement some logic before saving an "add-on setup parameter" or a "data input parameter". To be more precise, I would like to manipulate string values, concatenating them and encoding them with Base64. I spent some time doing reverse-engineering of Python code, but it looks like parameters are saved according to some generic logic and it is not possible to override it for specific parameters.

Which is the right way to do this? Where should I place my code, so that it survives to future changed made using the Add On Builder?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can customize this function in python code

def validate_input(helper, definition):
    """Implement your own validation logic to validate the input stanza configurations"""
    # This example accesses the modular input variable
    # text = definition.parameters.get('text', None)
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