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I want to alert only if error of event has been occurred continuously for last 4 days


I have log which has time stamp, tag, and i calculating how many time has been occurred per day. i want to get results if the events has been continuously happened on last 4 days but its returns for last 5 days. As we see below 21st has no data but still it reported as time range selected was last 4 days.


index=* | eval epochtime=strptime(Log_Message_Time, "%m/%d/%Y %H:%M:%S")
| eval Event_Date=strftime(epochtime, "%d-%m-%Y")
| stats delim="," values(Tag) AS _Tag values(Buffer_Value) AS Buffer_Value values(diff) AS diff count AS Per_Day_Occurance BY Event_Date host
| mvexpand Buffer_Value
| mvcombine Log_Message_Tag
| rename host AS Server
| eventstats count AS Days BY Server
| search Days>=4
| join type=left Server [|inputlookup pg_ld_production_servers | table Server Site]
| table Site Server Event_Date Log_Message_Tag Per_Day_Occurance diff
| sort Event_Date
| rename Log_Message_Tag AS "Historian Tag" Event_Date AS "Event Date"



 hostevent datetagOccured per day     


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@kamlesh_vaghela  could you pls help me here?

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