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I have made the geoloation_lookup and confirmed its seen in Geolocation KV store within app. Not getting any reconciliation done though.

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In splunk internal logs I get this as the error
ERROR script - sid:scheduler_nobody_cGh5c2ljYWxfYWRkcmVzc190b19nZW9sb2NhdGlvbg_RMD596155ee2668180f0_at_1517361300_953 command="runshellscript", Script: /opt/splunk/bin/scripts/ exited with status code: 255

Line Previous has this

INFO runshellscript:222 - runshellscript: ['/usr/bin/perl', '/opt/splunk/bin/scripts/', '3466', '| inputlookup geolocation_lookup\n| eval key_id = key\n| search (cust_lat=DNE OR cust_lon=DNE OR location_type=DNE) in_reconciliation=no', '| inputlookup geolocation_lookup\n| eval key_id = _key\n| search (cust_lat=DNE OR cust_lon=DNE OR location_type=DNE) in_reconciliation=no', 'Update Geolocation', 'Saved Search [Update Geolocation] number of events(3466)', '', '', '/opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/dispatch/schedulernobody_cGh5c2ljYWxfYWRkcmVzc190b19nZW9sb2NhdGlvbg_RMD596155ee2668180f0_at_1517361300_953/results.csv.gz']

any assistance would be great. Not seeing anything being created in the output.log or debug.log within the apps.

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