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How to whitelist a pattern of a file in multiple folders in AWS splunk add on

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I have s3 bucket containing folders of format i-0XXXXXXXXX .
each of these folders has a log file of this pattern XXXqueriesXXX.gz.
My key prefix (The path to the i-0XXXXXX folders) looks something like this resources/logs/e-muretrsd/.

Basically, I am looking to pull logs from locations satisfying this pattern resources/logs/e-mustt/i-XXXXXXX/XXXXXXqueriesXXXXX.gz

How can I achieve this in the splunk aws addon

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Please refer below link:

Also in inputs.conf use whitelist parameter using regex something like this:

whitelist = resources\/logs\/e-mustt\/i\-.+?/.+queries.+\.gz$
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so if I use i-.+? we get the all the folders starting with i-XXXX in the directory?

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I know this old post but were able to get this solved? I'm having the same issue but not finding much in the way of documentation S3 key prefix. 

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