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How to trigger alert based on time series forecasting model?

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I am trying to forecast %sales against time. I used the time series forecasting model in Splunk and have received prediction against time. (used kalman filter and kept Future timespan as 1112, Data received through a lookup CSV)

I have already created an alert for this experiment based on forecasting value greater than 80% and have kept the action as email however the alert is not getting triggered.

Can you please suggest how to trigger the alert?
Is there any setting which are to be changed(already set up email settings)?
Can this use case be implemented using Splunk?

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Are you certain the alert should have been triggered? (i.e. you ran the search over the time frame of an alert and it had a value greater than .8?) If so, you can look in the _internal logs to see why the alert (search index=_internal {nameOfAlert} ("error" OR "fail")) wasn't working. Otherwise, could you clarify what you're asking?

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