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How to stop Google Maps clustering?


I am using Google Maps and I want to display something other than a count on the map (eg. a percentage as an integer). I have done this using the xml below.

<module name="HiddenSearch" layoutPanel="panel_row1_col1" group="Display percentages on map" autoRun="true">
  <param name="search">source=*
   | lookup locations code  OUTPUT latlong
   | search latlong=*
   | eval _geo=latlong
   | stats count(eval(eventfailed="p")) as passes, count(eval(eventfailed="f")) as failures by _geo
   | eval _geo_count=round((100*failures)/(passes+failures))   

  <module name="HiddenChartFormatter">
    <module name="GoogleMaps"> 
          <param name="center">34.67,-104.86</param>
          <param name="zoomLevel">5</param>
          <param name="height">400px</param>
          <param name="mapType">roadmap</param>
          <param name="overlay">clusters</param>
          <param name="scrollwheel">off</param>
          <param name="autoPostProcess">false</param>

However, the map aggregates the percentages from more than one location. Is there any way to turn off this aggregation? Alternatively, can the aggregation be done in a different way to summing the numbers from each location?


Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment. Clustering cannot be disabled in the current version. There will be a new version where it can be turned off, but that might take some time.

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Has there been any update on your roadmapping for the Google Maps app?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for the the wonderful App!

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