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How to select particular value in array eg AWS tags?

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The latest version of the Splunk Add-on for AWS has changed the JSON for the "AWS Description" ingest; see examples below. My question is about selecting values from this new 'type' of array.

Before, you could select particular values with the following search syntax:

tags.Name = "server1"


1. How do I make the same search with the newer JSON?

2. What is the technical description for these 2 different forms of arrays?


tags: { [-]
     Environment: test
     Name: server1


Tags: [ [-]
     { [-]
       Key: Environment
       Value: test
     { [-]
       Key: Name
       Value: server1

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ok, so I think I've partially answered my question:

  • the first version is a nested-JSON and, since it has unique paths, it is trivial to specify a filter (also to extract the result)
  • the second version is -- I believe... -- a nested multi-value array.  I've dealt with MV arrays before but this time I'm defeated by the nesting.

FYI - the official Splunk doc re MV arrays only has examples where you pick the values by position-ID, e.g. [0], rather than by associated 'Key'


I found the following StackOverflow discussion which seemed to answer this exact issue ... except that I can't get the 'mvzip' command to accept the Tags{}.Name multi-value?

Their solution was basically a hack where you combine the 'name' and 'value' arrays, then filter for your target key, and finally re-extract the target value. For the AWS Description Metadata JSON, I'm trying the following -- except that it returns the error, "arguments to mvzip function are invalid"

| eval combined = mvzip( "Tags{}.Key", "Tags{}.Value" )

P.S. I tried the Tags{}.Key both with and without double-quotes around it ...

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FYI - still replying to my own question ...

I would still like to know how to specify an individual Key/Value pair but I finally found another posting which showed me how to accomplish my real objection -- extracting the 'Name' fields. (I use the IP/Name info to label my VPC Flowlogs.)

index=aws sourcetype=aws:description:metadata source="us-west-2:ec2_instances 
"Tags{}.Value"=prod PrivateIpAddress="10.10.*"

| spath Tags{}
| mvexpand Tags{}
| spath input=Tags{}
| table PrivateIpAddress, Key, Value
| where Key="Name"
| fields - Key
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