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How to search all protocols used in our network every 24 hours?

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Hi All,

I would like some help about a search in Splunk. I want to pull out all the protocols used in our network.

For example, yesterday, we had millions of ping requests from a user. And, we noticed from another user, that the DNS was used instead of our own DNS. In summary, we would like to have a search that will allow us to see all the protocols used in our network every 24 hours (or top ten).
I did not find this information on the Splunk web site, or or ask via .conf2015.
This will greatly assist me in my work.

Do you have an idea of how to do this search?

Thank you for your help again.
René R.

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Re: How to search all protocols used in our network every 24 hours?


Hi rene847,

the main question here is: where and how to find those events?

Let's assume your events are in an index called network and the protocols are identified by the field protocol, a simple search like this will get the expected result:

 index=network protocol=* earliest=-7d@d | timechart span=1d count by protocol limit=10

This will search in index network all events which contain a field called protocol over the last 7 days, count each protocol per day and return the top ten results over the time.

If you need further assistance, please add more detailed information to this question like where to find the events, what do the events look like, what exactly is the expected result, what have you tried so far?

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS