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How to run a C language script for an alert action or from search?

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I have created a alert action and call to smgSend.c file.
i compiled smgSend.c to smgSend
When I run this script manually "**/bin/smgSend "hello" 01234567789**", it works fine.
In bin directory have 2 files: smgSend.c and smgSend
content of commands.conf file in local directory below:

filename = smgSend
generating = true
streaming = false
is_risky = false

i tried to run this from search:

| smgSend "hello" 01234567789

The error appear "Unknown search command 'smgsend'. "

So how can i running external C script from search, does splunk support .c script?

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are these typos?

you wrote command.conf instead of commands.conf and filename = msgSend instead of filename = smgSend

cheers, MuS

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Sorry, i type wrong in question.

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