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How to output Splunk Reports or Dashboards to other websites?

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Looking to take report/dashboard visualizations and post them on another company website (like an existing DevOPS dashboard or customer info center). Considering using iFrames... but want to hear if anyone else has had success with publishing Splunk visualizations on other web pages (outside of Splunk) and how they achieved that?

Appreciate the comments.

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Hi @joesrepsol,

Embed scheduled reports can help you to achieve your requirement.

If you have the capability to embed reports, you will be able to embed any report that you can see on the Reports listing page.

  1. Go to the Reports listing page and locate the report that you would like to embed.

  2. To embed the report, click Edit and select Embed.

  3. In the Enable Report Embedding dialog, click Enable Embedding to embed the report.

  4. Copy the code out of the Embed dialog and paste it into the HTML-based web page into which you want to embed the report.

  5. Click Done to close the Embed dialog.


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We've had success pairing the embed feature on some of our Splunk reports, with the iframe macro in Atlassian Confluence (one macro per report URL). Slight gotcha maybe if one of the sites is HTTPS and the other is HTTP, you get mixed content warnings and need to accept those for the solution to work.


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Hi I am using iframe macro to display splunk dasboard but its resulting in blank page,apart from adding the url to white list do we need to do any other things

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There are a few ways that this can be done. Iframe is one of the most popular, as its documented and not to difficult to integrate.

Some of the other options I have seen is to use a saved search to email search results as a pdf to a mailbox, and then post process that mailbox/pdf to post out to web page via a share or script.

Python / Java / favoritSDK script is another method ;

Depends on the effort and ability you have available to you at the time.

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