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How to monitor wildcard files recursively


I want to index all *.log files recursively from /var/log
I followed this instruction
My inputs.conf looks like this:
disabled = false
index = rpi_logs
sourcetype = linux_logs

It seems to be indexing only /var/log/daemon.log and var/log/auth.log
But I also have log files in /var/log/mysql and /var/log/nginx directories and those are omitted. What am I doing wrong?

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Like this:

disabled = false 
index = rpi_logs 
sourcetype = linux_logs
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please run the command ./splunk list inputstatus to troublehsoot the issue, this command will provide you an output like this:

this output means the input configuration is not working.

parent = /var/log
type = File did not match whitelist '(.log|log$|messages|secure|auth|mesg$|cron$|acpid$|.out)'.

this output means the file is being properly monitored by splunk
file position = 465885
file size = 465885
parent = /var/log
percent = 100.00
type = finished reading

It is possible the splunk is not able to read the log files from /var/log/mysql and /var/log/nginx, so I would try something like this:

disabled = false
index = rpi_logs
sourcetype = linux_logs

Note concerning wildcards and monitor:
* You can use wildcards to specify your input path for monitored inputs. Use
"..." for recursive directory matching and "" for wildcard matching in a
single directory segment.
* "..." recurses through directories. This means that /foo/.../bar matches
foo/1/bar, foo/1/2/bar, etc.
* You can use multiple "..." specifications in a single input path. For
example: /foo/.../bar/...
* The asterisk (
) matches anything in a single path segment; unlike "...", it
does not recurse. For example, /foo//bar matches the files
/foo/1/bar, /foo/2/bar, etc. However, it does not match
/foo/bar or /foo/1/2/bar.
A second example: /foo/m*r/bar matches /foo/mr/bar, /foo/mir/bar,
/foo/moor/bar, etc. It does not match /foo/mi/or/bar.
* You can combine "
" and "..." as needed: foo/.../bar/* matches any file in
the bar directory within the specified path.

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Path Finder

may be below inputs can help. let me know if this helps

disabled = false
index = rpi_logs 
sourcetype = linux_logs
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