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How to monitor localhost thru REST API Modular Input for Splunk?

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Hi All,

I am trying to monitor the output of localhost thru REST API Modular Input of Splunk.


Purpose is to have the health check results shown in JSON format. Screenshot from Postman:
"BPS": {
"healthy": false,
"message": "Inactive RMI HTTP service(s) : [/BatchExecutionService], [/BusinessExecutionService], [/ChannelDataLookupService], [/RobotExecutionService], [/WebBusinessExecutionService], [/WebExternalExecutionService]. (503)"

Once the results are shown on SPlunk, I will configure an alert in case healthy state is different that READY. There are more than 20 hosts consolidated into a single index and they are communicating with central server via SplunkUniversalForwarders.
Currently I am testing the scenario locally on my own laptop with local instnace of Splunk and application is running also on my box.

Do you have any ideas if this scenario is possible for impementation?


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