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How to join two sources with summary indexing to improve performance?

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I am quite green at Splunk and have a problem I could use some help with.

My data is coming from a postgres database via the Splunk DB Connect App, where each input (source) into Splunk is a postgres table.

I am trying to join two sources, which I can do in a regular search, but am trying to improve performance since my join search is running quite long, so I am looking at summary indexing.

The two sources are as follows:





Here is the base search that returns the expected results.

source="action_times" | join type=inner act_id [search source="actions_table"] | stats count by operation

I have been able to set up a summary index and schedule a report which runs the search above, but the actions_table really does not update often so most subsequent runs of the scheduled report return no events, despite there being tens of thousands of events from action_times.

Sample Input with Expected Output
Input - action_times

Row 1: action_time = 2020-06-03 11:58:10.123. act_id = 1
Row 2: action_time = 2020-06-03 11:59:18.563. act_id = 2
Row 3: action_time = 2020-06-03 11:55:28.752. act_id = 1

Input - actions_table
Row 1: act_id = 1. operation = "read register"
Row 2: act_id = 2. operation = "write register"

Expected Output
Row 1: "read register" - 2
Row 2: "write register" - 1

What I would like to do...

  • I would like to use summary indexing to pull in the joined data, either with an actual join command, or without.

If there is any other helpful information I can provide, please let me know.

Thank you,

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 source="action_times"  OR source="actions_table" 
| stats count by act_id operation
| fields - act_id

that's all

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@to4kawa Thank you for taking the time to respond. However, I tried to run the search you provided and it returned No results.

I added some information to my original post with "Sample Input and Expected Output" in case that helps clear anything up.

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I see. check my latest answer.

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